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The Purple Cow AR company is committed to helping businesses grow through innovative marketing campaigns featuring an AR version of their product.

What is Augmented Reality(AR)?

Augmented Reality, commonly called AR, is an interactive 3D experience that combines a view of the real world with computer-generated elements in real time. 

Augmented reality can figure in a number of ways, such as through AR goggles that combine a view of the immediate surroundings with computer graphics, or on a smartphone display that does the same thing using the phone’s camera to see and manipulate the world in front of the viewer. 

AR keeps you grounded in the real world by overlaying virtual elements as a visual layer within a real environment. Immersive AR systems may combine the computer elements with real-world elements with convincing depth, perspective, and other rendering characteristics, and the AR system will understand the real environment well enough to be able to position relevant synthetic elements “in front of” and “behind” real objects and otherwise be able to interact with the real world in a meaningful way. 

How is AR Changing The Way We Work?

Retail: Perhaps the most important application of AR for most users will be in retail applications, notably “try before you buy.” With more people shopping from home and less emphasis on public retail spaces, AR will allow consumers to see how products will look in their own homes before purchasing them. This can take the guesswork out of the buying process. 

Education: AR is finding its way into curriculum to enhance traditional learning methods. For example, textbooks can be marked with codes that, when scanned by a smartphone, can display additional content or 3D visualizations. 

Maintenance and industry: AR has great potential in the coming years to significantly reduce reliance on physical technical manuals and improve productivity at the same time by overlaying relevant information in a worker’s field of view while performing maintenance or other tasks. Sufficiently advanced AR systems can not only understand context to show the right information, but help identify components and workflows using highlights and overlays.

Entertainment and social media: AR has a lot of potential for entertainment as well. Magic Leap, for example, is an AR development company that has reportedly spent more than $2.6 billion developing AR goggles and an AR technology platform, yet continues to be able to attract additional investments without having a commercial product. On a more accessible platform — smartphones — Tik Tok has recently introduced branded AR effects TikTok has recently introduced branded AR effects that users can add to their videos. This is no doubt just the beginning of a race to create ever-more compelling AR experiences that blur the line between real and virtual.

The Purple Cow AR Co. has created various AR projects for us that shows customers what our products like in their homes before they ever order online.

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